Thinking of booking Justin? Here's what you need to know

LED wheel flic flac 2 .jpg

Ideal Space:                                               30x30ft or 13m diameter circle 

Minimum space:                                        Approximately 15ft x 15ft

Ideal flooring:                                             Hard Marley over concrete or wood, hard vinyl floor, gym floor, etc. 

                                                                    Cannot perform on grass,  gravel,  sand,  earth,  or carpet, 

                                                                    Clean, stable, flat surface is mandatory; cannot perform safely on inclines 

Minimum Ceiling Clearance:                    9 ft

Shipping Information:                               Cyr Wheel is extremely portable, breaking down into 5 pieces, and fitting in a travel                                                                          case. The total weight including the case is between 50 - 75 pounds an can be                                                                                    checked on most airlines