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Born in Calgary, Alberta in the early nineties, Justin Dale has been a lifelong student of the performing arts. He began in the Summerstock Musical Theatre Conservatory from 2008 - 2011 with productions such as Grease!, RENT, Guys n’ Dolls, Bang Bang You’re Dead, and Hairspray. After a fateful walk home through the park he discovered the art of Fire Spinning and incorporated his dance training to become a professional fire performer at the early age of 16. 

Justin’s love for martial arts runs in his family and earned his First Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo at the age of 16. Soon after he began to train acrobatics with the Alberta Provincial Gymnastics team and began to self-study the mysterious art of Cyr Wheel.  In 2010 Justin auditioned for the prodigious National Circus School of Montreal and his dreams of becoming an even more formidable professional circus performer became reality with his acceptance into the National Circus School of Montreal. He would spend three years training with the best coaches and would graduate in 2014.


Since leaving the world’s finest circus institution, Justin has performed at the Elbeuf International Circus Festival, Le Cirque de la Nuit, the Pan American Games, Zircus Flic Flac, and several tours with Les Productions Haut Vol. In 2016 Justin saw an opportunity in the competitive world of Wheel Gymnastics, and competed for Team Canada in the Cyr Wheel World Championships. His dedication and indomitable spirit would be rewarded with victory, and he was crowned the 2016 Cyr World Champion. He has since performed for Cirque Eloize, Justin Bieber, Le Monastere, WhiteRabbitDXB, Creativiva and various events and shows worldwide.


With a deep understanding of his craft and the merits to prove it, Justin has taught the art of Cyr Wheel internationally since 2015, and finds joy in helping others find their true path through expression. Justin continues to strive for excellence, and honour the path he has chosen. He hopes that the fabled Cirque du Soleil will one day welcome him into a touring show, and will not give up until that day arrives. 


Outside of the circus, Justin is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys the vast Canadian wilderness in all its aspects. He also spends off time brewing craft mead, beer and wine, and playing bass guitar. 






Age: 27


Height: 174cm  /  5'9 1/2"


Weight: approx. 74Kg / 163lb


Eyes: Green/Grey


Hair : Shaven






  • Cyr Wheel

  • Sway Pole / Chinese Pole/Dance Pole

  • Acrobatics (floor, spring, Table, wall, partner)

  • Trampoline Wall

  • Powertrack / Tumbletrack

  • Stunts

  • Chinese Bungee

  • Aerial Harness

  • Juggling (4 Balls, 3 Clubs, Passing )

  • Stilt Walking, bouncing stilts

  • knife Throwing

  • Whip Cracking

  • Partner Acrobatics, Banquine, Hand to Hand

  • Duo Aerial Straps, Duo Trapeze

  • Staff Spinning (Contact, Manipulation)

  • Fire Spinning (Poi, Staff, Sword, whip)

  • Martial Arts, Stage Combat, Sword/Weapons

  • Firearms Training

  • Dance, physical theatre

  • Acting / Clowning 

  • Bass Guitar

  • DJ







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