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Originally self-taught, then tempered in the fires of the National Circus School of Montreal under the master tutalage of Eric Deschenes, Sven Demy, and Irina Lipan, Justin Dale is the current World Champion of Cyr Wheel and has nearly 9 years of onstage experience in the discipline. He has been coaching since 2014, from the international IRV training camps in Chicago and Germany to the National Circus School of Montreal, Justin Dale’s students have gone on to win gold medals in competition and elevate the art form of Cyr wheel.

Justin offers private lessons in Cyr wheel and holds occasional workshops in cities around the world, from Tannustien, Germany, to Mexico City! Be sure to follow on Facebook for updates about workshops and lessons near you.


Contact Justin here for coaching inquires.


Justin's coaching CV is available below

2016 Cyr Wheel World Champion
Taunusstien IRV camp
From Beginner to Advanced
Cyr Wheel Gold Medalists 2016
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