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"The Box" 

2015 - cyr wheel solo


This solo had it's first test run at the Carmagnole Cabaret d'un Soir in 2015. Still under construction, and still undergoing research, this is the preliminary idea of the piece. 


WIth this piece I wanted to explore the idea of doing cyr wheel with no visual reference, that is to say, blindfolded. But with a twist. The box that is placed on my head repreaents the encompassing and at times confining nature of modern media in all it's forms. The text narritve of the "TV" in the beginning was cut together in order to reference the post 9/11 fear-mongering as well as the mindless hum of commercialsim and consumerism. 

During this run of the piece, however, the stage was not quite large enough for a paticular skill, (the inverted waltz) and I subsequently got stuck in the curtain. The recovery is amusing. 


The music is "Take me to the Hospital" by the Prodigy. THe psychotic and frantic nature of the music influenced the creation of this preliminary solo. 

Excited to continue this creation process, but for now, here is the act as is, available for booking.